Writers’ Rooms: Charlotte Mendelsen

March 16, 2008 | No Comments

After sharing with you the chic, Bohemian workspace of Beryl Bainbridge I thought some contrast was in order – to give a more realistic idea of how most of us work. Charlotte Mendelson, author of When We Were Bad and Daughters of Jerusalem, bravely, and hilariously, shared details of her own workspace in the on-going Guardian series, Writers’ Rooms. “This is Version 2.0,” Charlotte writes, “A month ago it was worse, then I put up encouraging objects. Now the horrible screen of boxes, behind which I hide from passers-by and road rage, is partially disguised by botanical postcards; Gwen John, Amelia Earhart and my grandmother; art by my children, to show that I’m sorry for shouting about the Sticklebriks…”