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“The Outlier”

The Southern Review | Spring 2015

“She was my standard deviation, my sigma. Her starting point was statistical perfection: everything associated with Melanie clustered in the center of the bell curve.”

“Lives Half-Lived”

The Sewanee Review | Summer 2014

“She had always felt that the safest course of action in the majority of circumstances was to do nothing—was to wait and see—but now she couldn’t dispel the notion that her life to date had been one long corridor lined with closed doors. Did you not think to knock?

“High Rise”

CityLit Press | 2010

“She knows she’ll remember this moment, squirrel it away into her memory box along with those other times in her life that came with a before and an after built in.”

“The Housekeeper”

The Baltimore Review | Spring 2003

“Every time I got down on my hands and knees at the top of the stairs to apply a bit of elbow grease, I’d find him watching me, looking like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth.”