Be Generous with Your Voice

February 16, 2009 | No Comments

So, Moan-y Minny, you may ask, what was your favorite panel at AWP? That’s easy: Shameless Promotion, hosted by Squad 365, a team of two poets and two prose writers (Todd Boss, Marisha Chamberlain, Jon Spayde and Margaret Hasse), whose presentations were interactive, informative and upbeat. Squad 365 shared strategies on book promotion for those writers (that is, most of us) who neither have a PR or a press budget, nor are likely to any time soon. Their ideas can be found on their blog, from the obvious must do’s (have a website and schlep your books), to the more innovative (splash out on a press release via PR-Web, or join the National Speakers Association). My favorite suggestions came via poet Todd Boss, who encouraged us to be generous with our voices, by:

– Allowing it to be heard (record MP3’s your work);

– Giving it to other artists (including your heroes);
– Giving it to total strangers.
Two books recommended to compliment this panel were Guerrilla Marketing and Lewis Hyde’s The Gift.

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